Welcome to NumbersGuys (and Quantitatively.club)

NumbersGuys is a platform to host quantitative analysis applications. Currently, a first application, GemelNet’s Explorer, allows Hebrew readers with investments in Israel’s common tools (such as pension funds) to easily compare options; A companion application, Investment Portfolios Discovery, explains why and where you may wish to move your investments, away from most options compared in the first one. Unrelated, there’s an app to visualize Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics data file on local authorities. Given the current war in Israel, there is also a dashboard with a few charts tracking data about this war.

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About the GemelNet App

Using data from Gemelnet (and Insurance net, and Pensions net) it allows a comparison of mutual funds, and other investment tools, against each other, and against several indexes (such as TA125 or SP500), taking account of commission to the managing companies, inflation, dividends re-invested, different time periods and more.

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About the Investment Portfolios Discovery

It does two things (all in Hebrew). The first, tells the story of me thinking of my savings and investments, and how I reached a conclusion they should be moved from the ordinary ones compared in the GemelNet app. The second is an analysis of various lazy investment portfolios.

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About the Municipalities (Israel Local Authorities) visualization app

It does exactly that. Helps get an interesting perspectives on many things in Israel.

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About the Iron Swords war dashboard

On October 7th Israel was attacked with a massacure of peaceful citizens sleeping at home or enjoying a music festival. Launched in response to the October 7th attack, this dashboard tracks critical data related to the conflict, including IDF casualties, rocket attack frequency, and progress of ground operations.

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Contact Information

If you have any questions, feedback, or inquiries, please feel free to contact me at hovav@hotmail.com.